Weddings and Partnerships


My role is to help take the worry and stress out of the planning for your special day. Together we will create a ceremony that you will remember for the rest of your life. I will hopefully make the planning an enjoyable process too.

Planning Your Humanist Wedding or Partnership Ceremony.

Together we make your ceremony personal. You can say in your own words some really meaningful things about WHY you are getting married or affirming your partnership. Between us we would compose a ceremony tailored to you, stating your hopes and aspirations as you undertake this commitment to each other. The ceremony often contains both humour and some poignant moments.

Your ceremony can take place at any venue you choose, it may be in a garden or park, on the moors, on a beach, in a village hall, hotel, on a roof garden, in a helicopter, swimming pool, or any other location you may choose! It can take place on any day of the week, at any time of day. It can be formal and traditional, humourous or romantic, as imaginative and innovative as you wish! (i.e. fancy dress, or the arrival on a beach could take place by canoe, speed boat, or jet ski!)

Ceremonies vary in length, but are usually between thirty and forty-five minutes.

What is the procedure?

We would set up an initial meeting, where we could start getting to know each other. I could discover how you met, what your interests are, what you like about each other, etc. (These all help me to write a personal script for you.) This also gives you the chance to decide whether you like me, and to reassure you that we can work together.

Second Meeting

We would then focus on content and practicalities. We’d discuss  whether the bride will be, ‘given away,’  be coming in with bridesmaids, (if any,) or entering alone, or whether the two of you wish to enter as a couple, /the extent you wish to say why you have decided to get married or have this partnership ceremony, / the journey you have been through together to get to this point, /appropriate prose or poetry readings and who might be willing to participate in the ceremony, and lots of other details.

Don’t worry if you you have no specific ideas regarding wording for promises, or readings/poetry, as I have a number of files which I can email to you to help you to select words that are appropriate to you.

This second meeting probably takes about two hours, and at this meeting I would expect a deposit, (usually £100.) Following this detailed meeting I would go away and make a first draft of your ceremony. This I would e-mail or send to you for your comments, revisions, etc. and we would continue to amend the script until you were perfectly happy with it, and I felt it was perfectly manageable.

I would anticipate the script being finalised by a fortnight before the ceremony. The balance of the fee is payable a week before the wedding, (no one wants to have to remember to make payments on the actual day!) My fee includes the meetings with you, writing several drafts if necessary, the rehearsal, and of course, delivering the ceremony on THE DAY! In addition, if I travel more than fifty miles I might ask for a contribution towards travelling costs.

We could then have another meeting if you wished, or it might not be necessary to meet again until the rehearsal.


Many couples find it reassuring and it helps to calm their nerves about the ceremony. If possible everybody who is to take part will be present at the rehearsal. This allows us to iron out any unforeseen problems, and ensures that everyone knows where they have to be and what they have to do!

Many other couples choose not to have a rehearsal as they prefer the ceremony to feel fresher, and more impromptu!

The Ceremony

On the day I would arrive at the venue in good time to organise myself and the presentation, and then conduct the ceremony. I always try to discover what colours the mothers are wearing, so as not to clash or compete with them.

The Cost

I currently charge £500, but this is negotiable for weekday weddings.


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