Bespoke Humanist Naming Ceremonies

Picture of MarthaWelcoming a child into your life is an event which brings joy and prompts reflection. Whether your new addition is your first child or your fifth, a wonderful surprise or a long-awaited adoptee, their arrival is a time to celebrate.

For centuries people have created meaningful ceremonies to mark this occasion. Such ceremonies bring together both aspects of the experience, the delight children bring and the responsibility we have for the care and nurture of those children.

Some young people and adults also choose to have ceremonies to celebrate a change of name and affirm the significance of such a move.

Humanist ceremonies allow us a space to gather and honour the moment, share our happiness and make our commitments to our children outside of an established religious setting.

My aim as a celebrant is to really listen to your experiences and put together a ceremony which gets to the emotional heart of your hopes and intentions. If I can I’ll also add a little humour.