How I work.

Your usual point of contact will be the Funeral Director. His/her experience and your needs will be the guide to what sort of ceremony that you want. The Funeral Director knows all the Humanist Celebrants in the area and will find one for you. Alternatively you may have contacted me as a result of my Facebook page (Sutton Coldfield Humanist Ceremonies, and I will contact the Funeral Director to confirm that I will be officiating at the ceremony.

All Humanist UK Celebrants are trained to the highest level, undergo strict assessments by colleagues and have full insurance to conduct ceremonies for Cremation, Woodland Burial, Burial, Burial / Scattering of Ashes,  memorials, and living tributes.

 As soon the Funeral Director or family ask me to conduct the ceremony,  I will visit you and your family (and friends if appropriate) to find out all the details of the life of the deceased, what his/her personality was and more importantly what sort of ceremony you and your loved one would like.

You may want special readings: you may have members of the family who wish to say their own words, or musicians who wish to play in tribute.  All these requests can be accommodated. I have an extensive library of music, readings and poems for all occasions, and all circumstances, and all characters and personalities.

Was the deceased full of humour, gregarious, solitary. What were his passions, e.g football, horse-racing, TV.

All this information helps me to organise the ceremony at the right level, emphasising the positive and minimising the negative.

On the day of the service I will be at the Chapel before anyone else to check with the Chapel attendant that everything is in order (Music to be played at the correct time) and to assist in distributing Orders of Service if necessary.

When you have arrived at the chapel the Funeral Director will check that everything is in order, will accompany you to your seats and when he/she is happy that you are ready will then signal to me to proceed.

At the end of the ceremony when you have left the chapel, I will hand over to you the words that I have spoken as a printed memory of the tributes that have been made.

All BHA celebrants have undergone training and continuous assessment and it is possible that a document will be left with you for your comments.