“Martin, we don’t know how to thank you for your wonderful tribute to ……… It was indeed a fitting Eulogy pitched just right. In fact we said that if you hadn’t even mentioned his name, the room would have guessed who you were talking about………The service that you conducted was absolutely ‘bang on’.”

“My mother said that if it is ever possible to enjoy a funeral, she enjoyed it and gained great comfort from it”.

“Its a very weird thing to say but I almost look back on the funeral with a kind of fondness.I thought you captured ……..spirit (In a non spiritual sense of course) superbly and it was so refreshing to make the deceased the focus of the occassion rather than sharing it with ‘You know who’!!!.You’d obviously put a lot of work into making it so personal and we are grateful for it………….your angle on it made me think about it in a new way…..I liked the honesty of the whole thing.”

“Having never been to a Humanist ceremony before I didn’t know quite what to expect, but you captured ****spirit perfectly and expressed ot beautifully”.

“My mother was not sure what to expect but was deeply moved, and the service was exactly right, a real recognition of the person she knew and a proper celebration of the good things and the frailties, with good humour as well as respect.”

” I felt felt what you said was entirely fitting and the content was both amusing and moving………..Many of those present felt the same and hoped I would pass on their messages to you…..Thank you for what you did on friday and all the work leading up to it. It was most important to know that the sevice was in the most capable of hands.”

“It was so reassuring to have you and your experience on hand and the changes you made to our proposed Order of Service improved the flow and structure of the ceremony. It was just what we wanted, quiet and and not too formal. It is also lovely to have your script which I will treasure.”

“You made a difficult day a little more bearable.”

“Dad would have loved to have been there to hear it”

“You brought an air of calm assurance to Dad’s funeral service. What you said about him was very appropriate—talking about his life without exageration. Your assistance was greatly appreciated at a difficult time.

(P. S . we are sending a donation nto the B.H.A.)”

“I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for the wonderful ceremony which you conducted. You really did capture the essence of my father and my mother was very impressed with the way you incuded everything we told you.It was indeed unfortunate about the mobile phone ringing during the committal……..however I know the woman was mortified and we will no doubt laugh about it in the future.”

“Many thanks for the great service you did for…….A big thank you.”

“Thanks for the celebration of Mom’s life. I know that though she did “Nothing special” we were special to her and she was certainly special to us, and that came out in the ceremony.Thanks for all your help, it was very much appreciated.

“Absolutely spot on !!! “.

“Thanks for your patience. I know we have been making a fuss, but we wanted to do it right and you did just that. You made sure everything was right. You and the Funeral Director were both so understanding. Everyone said that when they go they want a send off like that!!!”

“I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful service Uncle Don, I am sure it was exactly as he would have wanted it to be”.

“Thank you so much for your handling and presentation of *****  “Final Performance”. It was as if he was directing from the wings. Thank you as well for the beautifully presented copy of the occasion which was unexpected but very welcome”

On behalf of my Mother and myself I would like to thank you for conducting such a lovely service today and in such an appropriate manner – it had just the right mix of sadness tinged with humour and you captured the essence of my Dad and his life wonderfully.  Many people came up to say it was the best service they have ever been to and how they wished they had a Humanist service when their loved ones died as it was so much more ‘meaningful’ than traditional religious services.  It felt far more like a tribute to my Dad and you captured every detail so very well and your whole deportment throughout the contact we had was also ‘just right’. 

Although a day such as this can never truly be a happy one due to the circumstances, I know if my Dad could have seen it he would have been very proud and touched.  

“We must have got it right. Many people came up to me to say”That’s what I want””.

“Thank you for taking the ceremony for my Mom. Many of my friends commented on how appropriate the service was and how it reflected her lives as a countrywoman. My friends loved your choice of music and words.”

“Hi Martin. We just want to say thank you so much for giving us the leeway at mom’s funeral to do what we needed it to do to make it special for mommy and everyone else.  The feedback we have had has been great.  It was noted that u were also smiling throughout.  Probably cus u know what was coming.  We had the best day.  Thanks again so much.  It couldn’t have gone better.”

“I would personally like to thank you for the lovely “Celebration of My Dad’s Life” yesterday. Most folk attending (including me) have never been to a Humanist Funeral before. Much interest was shown by several people, at the”Wake” they thought it was such a wonderful refreshing change, from the usual Religious service.. Etc.  and has given them food for thought, re there own eventual Demise … and send off!!”

“I would like to thank you on behalf of all the family for performing a wonderful service in the name of our brother ****. Many people came up to me after and said what a lovely service it was. One of my Aunties when as far as saying it was the best funeral she’d been to and I can tell you she’s been to quiet a few lately. We also collected £386.00 at the wake which is being split 50/50 between Cancer Research and Macmillan Nurses. We still don’t know what Mark died from but we know many people affected by Cancer so both are a fitting cause.

“I would certainly recommend you and I will be telling the Funeral Director the same. I was also asked about his company and I believe he will be contacted in the near future.”
“What an amazing contribution you made to a truly remarkable day regarding my father’s funeral. Many mourners commented on how refreshing it was compared to many religious services”
“As I said on the day it was perfect. The celebration of her life was delivered exactly as ****** and myself had intended and the wake was made so much easier due in a huge part to the way you as a Humanist minister delivered her life.. I can honestly say the day will be remembered for very fond reasons as was my late Uncle *****and my Dads…
Thank you again form the bottom of my heart you are a fantastic man with a great gift.
My husband’s funeral went very well. Everyone I spoke to said it was great & had been a lovely celebration of my husband’s life. Some even said ‘it was the best funeral service that they had ever been to!’ The main thing I had wanted was to get over how great my husband was & what a fantastic personality he had. I think this was achieved by the various people who spoke at the service and by Martin who held it all together nicely. The Crematorium was packed full with standing room only at the back Because there were so many there, it took longer than usual for everyone to be accommodated. Some of the music had to be cut short a bit because we started running out of time, but Martin dealt with this very well. I would def recommend Martin as a celebrant to anyone who wants a humanist service