Michael Laird Humanist Ceremonies

Michael Laird
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Celebrating our  life, and shared  humanity, free from faith.


“I have just returned from a Humanist ceremony conducted by Michael Laird. It was by a long way the most beautiful funeral I have ever attended. Heart-warming and soul-lifting, in a non-religious sense.  It was remarkable.”

Prof. David Hand, Mortlake Crematorium, 2017

Thank you for considering me for your Humanist ceremony!

I create and deliver highly personalised, authentic ceremonies for people who have chosen to live free of religious faith. Anywhere within about an hour’s motorbike ride of home in Chiswick, London.

Weddings and Funerals are important and emotional life events,  times to focus on individual life stories and shared humanity.

My ceremonies are as unique as those involved, and incorporate any ideas you may have, however unusual. Indoors, outdoors, any place, and any time of day or night.

Talk to me about what you want, I am  keen to explore the unconventional!

My clients say I have a reassuring, highly professional manner, and an engaging nature. That they feel safe in my hands. Apparently – I have a good voice!

Please do contact me, or look at the other pages on this website.