About Michael…

I live in Chiswick, when not on Compass Rose our narrowboat, with my wife Eileen (and Bosun the dog).

In 2014 I took early retirement to become a Humanist Celebrant. For me, Humanism is life-affirming atheism, and celebrant work the most fulfilling way to use my skills, to provide real help to others.

I used to be in the drinks industry and management consulting –  starting a company in 1998 and its success has enabled this new life. I know how lucky I have been.

Much of my career was abroad, in other cultures, including our young family living in Venezuela in the 1990’s.

Eileen is my soulmate, partners since since 1982, and we have 2 grown daughters Grace and Rose.

In addition to Humanists UK, I am involved in The Secular Society, Samaritans, and support Dignity in Dying.

I see my celebrancy work as a small, tangible part of an alternative to religion, and magical thinking. Through inspiring ceremonies with real emotional depth, I seek to show how Humanism works in practice to bring people together.

In this way, I hope to do some good without god.