Ashes And Memorial Ceremonies

Have you considered an alternative to the traditional ceremony at crematorium, instead, or also having an ashes ceremony/memorial?

Marking the end of a life, and confirming its meaning  for us, really matters. Sometimes the immediate grief around the time of death, and the ‘default’ funeral process, can get in the way of doing justice to a loved one’s memory.

Crematorium ceremonies are constrained by time, place and cost issues. The often formal atmosphere, church-based pews and architecture, religious imagery and prayer books etc are often  inappropriate. Why not have the ceremony you want at a time and place of your choosing,  completely created to suit your needs?

Many of us have loved ones ashes stored at home, often for years. Perhaps the ashes of more than one. Put the ashes into an inspiring memorial ceremony for family, and friends. You can even do this without the ashes – an authentic memorial ceremony can stand on its own and provide an uplifting sense of unity and perspective.

I will work with you to develop a truly meaningful ceremony focussed on your loved one(s) lives. This could be shortly after cremation, or even years later.

A ceremony can be combined with with sharing of food and company, as has been the way through human history.

We can do this anywhere – and anytime of day or night. At home in the garden/indoors, at a favourite natural place, on a boat, in a venue of your choice.  With my full outdoor PA system we can take your ceremony beyond conventional limits.