Pet funerals

Being a Humanist does not mean I can not be an Animalist too! I know how important animals can be, and our dogs Horace (now long gone but still remembered by all the family) and Bosun (above) have been a source of real joy in life.

The animals we share our lives with become part of our family. Sometimes an animal truly is our best friend and when it dies it can be truly devastating. It can be very painful that one’s real grief is often casually discounted – ‘it’s only an animal’ can hurt.

Particularly for children, the death of a loved animal can be a big shock. A sensitively crafted and delivered funeral can help make sense and provide true solace. There are official pet burial sites, or we may have ashes to scatter or memorialise. There may be a favourite toy or lead/collar to talk about, or a favourite park to scatter in.

I will work with you to give your loved one a funeral or memorial/ashes ceremony to do justice to the years you spent together.