“Thank you for such an inspiring ceremony yesterday.  I have had so many messages from attendees and all over the world saying what a beautiful and appropriate celebration of his life that was” Peter, London 2019.
“I would just like to thank you on behalf of the family for giving my father such a wonderful send off.  You helped to make the day far easier than it could have been. We had so many comments on how fitting the service was for him as a person, this couldn’t have been done without your help and support “. Jane, London 2019.

“Michael the ceremony was beautiful and I so much appreciated what you did. You really captured him, the man he was and the things that were important to him.  I felt my dad’s life was affirmed and his essence proclaimed. I am happy that you made time to read the socialist commandments and mum’s letter that arrived that morning! Thank you also for your suggestions, I loved the way that you proclaimed dad’s name at the end of the ceremony”. Kate, London 2017

“We cannot thank you enough, and I know you will say it’s your job, but you are special in being able to support families the way you do. You helped us, like you would never believe and the service was perfect thanks to you”  Jo-Anne, London, 2017.

“I didn’t realise a funeral could be like that. It was lovely and all about Dad.” Sue, London 2017.

“I can’t believe you didn’t know her. You hit the nail on the head with the tribute.” Liz, London 2017.

“Your ceremony was truly beautiful and so right for him. We had been dreading the funeral but you made it an uplifting experience and I feel so much better now” Duncan, London 2017.

“Many thanks for your kindly and considered service for Robert. I felt it portrayed him in such positive ways and was the best possible service that could be given.” Alison, London 2017.

“You helped us so much along the way with really good advice and encouragement. Dad’s funeral was lovely, I really hope you will be there for me too…” Pat, London 2017.

“Thank you for your leadership, that’s an unforgettable and deeply moving ceremony” Morris, London 2017

“Thanks very much for the recording.  Thank you too so much for all the support you gave us to give my mum such a wonderful  send off.    We were so pleased at how everything went.    We will treasure our star.  Best wishes, Sue” London 2017

“I am writing to thank you for my Uncle’s funeral.  From your initial contact by phone, the Skype call to discuss arrangements, to meeting you in person, your compassion and empathy were evident and made a difficult situation much easier.  You dealt with me extremely sensitively and your suggestions were well judged and appropriate. We gave Uncle Bill a good send off and the recording you made was sent to my sister in Canada who thought your words summed him up perfectly. It was so thoughtful of you to accompany me to the pub afterwards and raise a beer to a life well lived.  Your kindness and sympathy was much appreciated.” With warmest regards, Colin (London 2017).
We would all like to thank you for your assistance and help, to create such a beautiful service for our brother. Everyone was so impressed with you. They were truly inspired with the way you created something unique to celebrate his life. For many they had not come across the humanist way of doing things and it was an insiration for all concerned. (London 2017).