The funeral ceremony is a time to tell the unique story of a life. Although funerals are sad, they don’t have to be miserable, and can be uplifting.

My testimonials show this to be true.

Please note – I serve those who choose to be free of religion – you can be sure my ceremonies will not include any kind of worship.  There are others to meet that kind of need.

Commemorating the end of life, matters deeply to all involved; I am committed to creating inspiring ceremonies to celebrate that one life we have, in shared humanity.  An authentic funeral ceremony – and the person conducting it – should reflect the life, beliefs, and relationships of the person.

“Your ceremony was truly beautiful and so right for her. We had been dreading the funeral but you made it an uplifting experience and I feel so much better now” Jo-Anne, London 2017.

At a time when grief and loss can seem confusing, a sensitively crafted funeral ceremony, and the process of creating it,  can provide real comfort and solace.

“Many thanks for your kindly and considered service for Robert. I felt it portrayed him in such positive ways and was the best possible service that could be given.”  Alison, London, 2017.

You may rely on me to provide empathetic, professional reassurance and support to help you have a life-affirming ceremony for your loved one, at crematorium, cemetery, or any other place. I have my own full PA system for ceremonies outdoors.


What to Expect:

Each funeral ceremony is unique and there is no fixed format.

“You helped us so much along the way with really good advice and encouragement. Dad’s funeral was lovely, I really hope you will be there for me too…”

I will spend time with you (and family/friend as appropriate) on a home visit to explore your wishes and any ideas you may have for the ceremony in depth. I have many years experience working with people to develop ideas and help uncover or clarify their thoughts and needs. I am also very happy to meet via Skype or FaceTime.

You may already have clear ideas on music or poems/readings – or not.  It does not matter, we can work with your thoughts, or I can suggest appropriate ideas based on experience.

We may discuss personalising the venue – bringing items important to the individual into the ceremony.  It is all about them.

I will draft a ceremony, including tributes as desired, based on our discussions, including your  ideas and details. You may wish me to play as little or as much of a role as suits – you are always in charge.

I do not take part in acts of worship – as a Humanist my focus is entirely the one life we have, free of faith or supernatural ideas.

I send you  the ceremony in advance for approval. Afterwards I give you a presentation copy of the ceremony.

I often record the ceremony for others not present, or we may incorporate slideshow, webcast or other technology.

I am often told my delivery manner is engaging and sincere, whether serious or more lighthearted as needed. You tell me what the tone is to be.

The ceremony will be very carefully crafted to deliver an event that reflects and respects unique personality. Ceremonies can be both serious and also include humour – my aim is to affirm the life of a person, and everyone is different.

My fee, usually managed by the Funeral Director, is £220.