About me

photograph of mike reynolds

Mike Reynolds

I was born in Cardiff Royal Infirmary and lived in Penarth for the first eighteen months of my life. I then moved to North Wales and was brought up on the fringes of Snowdonia, before moving to England to attend university. After living in various parts of England for over forty years I, very happily, returned to the country of my birth. I now live just outside Mountain Ash.

I worked in the IT sector for over 35 years, much of that time being in Customer Support roles of varying seniority. One thing that became very clear to me over those years was that the happiest customers were those who had a bespoke system built especially for them. When a product or service is designed specifically for one set of requirements, the results are always far more satisfactory than modifying an “off the shelf” solution and bodging it to do the required job.

That is the great advantage of having a Humanist Ceremony conducted by a celebrant accredited by the British Humanist Association. Every ceremony is crafted to be individual, taking into account the wishes of those planning it. Music, poetry and readings can be selected, even the structure of the ceremony can be specified by you. I will guide you through everything, making suggestions based on my experience and my knowledge of what works well or, not so well. It is YOUR ceremony.

When not conducting ceremonies, my favourite pastime is, without doubt, watching rugby, on TV –  or preferably live. I am a season ticket holder at Cardiff Blues and usually end up hoarse after spending 80 minutes or so shouting encouragement! I also love taking advantage of the wonderful countryside where I live, going for long walks observing the wildlife and foraging for mushrooms.