About Richard Hackett


Richard Hackett is an accredited celebrant, living in Torbay, Devon, dedicated to producing and conducting uniquely personal non-religious ceremonies. 

email. richard.hackett@humanistceremonies.org.uk

tel. 07545025366

Looking for a celebrant?

Are you looking for a purposeful, poignant and above all very personal ceremony for a significant live event, a naming, wedding or a funeral? If you’ve landed on this page then you’re most likely thinking about finding a suitable Humanist Celebrant, possibly in the West Country.

Humanist Ceremonies mark key events in our lives.  They might be sad or happy events, sometimes both. They are about celebrating a life or lives at the most difficult or the very best times of our lives. They are about shared human values, bringing people together and providing comfort or celebration without resorting to religion.

You do not need to be a Humanist to have a Humanist ceremony.

We all have a story, whether we are at the start of life, sharing it with someone special or at the end. We all deserve to have that story told with respect and dignity, in accordance with our wishes, our beliefs and with the support of their families and friends. Very many people do not believe in a god but they show humanity, respect and love for their fellow human beings. This is the essence of Humanism and is at the heart of a Humanist ceremony.

Each ceremony is personal and bespoke, it is for you, your family and loved ones. It will be written in consultation with you. It will be about you, your child or your loved one or friend. There might be music, poetry or even rituals. There might be contributions from family or friends. Above all it will be moving and memorable.

What can I offer you?

Becoming a celebrant is my third change of career, which started in broadcasting and moved into higher education. I have drawn on my experience in those fields and as a performer for more than 50 years to provide an empathetic, personal service. My previous careers have equipped me with the essential skills for being a celebrant, to listen carefully and take notes, to write clearly and meaningfully and to deliver the ceremony with passion, warmth and emotion. I find working on all three types of ceremony extremely rewarding.

“The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.”

Bertrand Russell

Members of  Humanists UK belong to a local network of other celebrants who support one another and ensure that there is always one of us available to conduct a ceremony.


So refreshing to have a humanist ceremony, as opposed to a church service, speaking honestly and openly about the person without any religious connotation.  Very professional but with a very personal touch.”