Welcome to my naming page and thank you for considering me as a celebrant to conduct a Humanist naming ceremony for your child. A naming ceremony does not have a formal structure. It is very much based around what the parents want. I will meet with the family to discuss some ideas and to plan the ceremony. Typically  it will include an introduction and perhaps thanks to members of the family.

There might be some readings from family, friends or the celebrant which can be either poetry or some meaningful prose. Celebrants often include some words that we call ’Thoughts on childhood’. Parents often make a promise or commitment to their child. There might be a symbolic act such as lighting candles, releasing balloons  or planting a tree. Gifts might be presented to the child.


Many parents choose to have godparent equivalents which are called guide parents or supporting adults and they might also make a promise or commitment to the child. There can be as many or as few as you wish or there might be none. The ceremony normally ends with the child being given its name by everyone present and then perhaps a toast I will also provide you with a certificate and a presentation copy of the ceremony.


Thanks so much for being our celebrant for our son’s naming. It was such a meaningful ceremony and we had so many positive comments from family members who had never been to a humanist ceremony before. We all had a great day!