Bill, Please!

December 11th, 2013

by Elizabeth Donnelly

It came as a surprise.  I had just conducted James and Rebecca’s wedding and the following day I received an email from the bride asking for the invoice.  It is my habit to ask for a £100 deposit, then invoice the couple after the wedding and send it with the script to arrive when they return from their honeymoon. That way they get a wonderful reminder of their wedding day and I get a lovely testimonial and payment for a job well done. Of course there are risks with this approach, see Hannah Hart’s article on cancellations in the last issue of Ritelines.

I had expected to type up a suitable invoice for Rebecca and James and post it along with the script to arrive a week later.  Until Rebecca emailed me on the Sunday to say that if I emailed them an invoice that day, I would receive payment the following day before they flew off to Italy.

Normally thisollowing day before they flew off to Italy.ent them an email invoice that day, I would recieve  wouldn’t pose a problem, except that I was at Nine Worlds, a geek conference at a hotel in Heathrow without access to my PC, but with an iPad and an internet connection.

A quick search on the web threw up Invoice O Matic, free software that makes invoicing easy.  I simply had to fill in the relevant details.  This included my name and address and the couple’s address, which they had conveniently sent in the email, but you can always just fill in their names if you don’t have it to hand.

I then filled in 1, deleted the word “Hours” and filled in “The services of Elizabeth Donnelly as a wedding celebrant for your wedding on 10 August 2013” in the Description field and my fee in the Unit Price field.

As I’d received a deposit I filled in the next line in a similar way saying “Less £100 deposit received”, and put -100 in the Unit Price field. The software then calculated the total fee minus the deposit.

There was even space to fill in my bank details and I was also able to change the invoice number.

It was all completed in less than five minutes, and a pdf copy was emailed to the bride and to me.  I was also able to send a personal message with the email.  Brilliant, considering I was stuck without a computer in a Heathrow hotel.  I’m sure that it would also have worked with just a smartphone.

And imagine my surprise when Invoice O Matic then sent me a reminder for that first invoice a month later (which was great, but unnecessary as the money was duly put into my account the next day as promised).  And whilst I needed to use it for a bride in a hurry when I had limited computing power, it was so easy that I used it for the wedding I conducted a week later, adding in mileage at 45p per hour, as their wedding was outside London, also correctly calculated.

All in all, very easy, completely free, and utterly professional.  For anyone who’s interested, you can find Invoice O Matic here: