Pleased to meet…….Chris Bradshaw

June 3rd, 2013


Chris Bradshaw

Chris came to humanism via a concert at Conway Hall, and the ceremonies via her husband’s funeral which, as she says, gave her first-hand experience of the process involved in humanist ceremonies and the kind of people who provide them.

Chris’s  job helps Vanessa out with record keeping for our growing and increasingly busy network, logging the vital information that comes from feedback forms that celebrants hand out at their ceremonies.   She also records the information that celebrants provide about funeral directors on a spreadsheet.  She has been a friendly face welcoming celebrants at several past conferences.

She spent most of her professional career in training and recruitment, then had a couple of spells abroad, in former Yugoslavia and Singapore.  Her travels are not over yet, however, since she has two daughters – one living  in Stockholm, the other in Karachi.

Since 2005 Chris has spent half a day a week at Gower Street, where Vanessa says, she is her rock.   “We are so grateful for Chris’s time and her calming influence in what can be a very busy office.”