The 2012 Celebrants’ Survey

June 3rd, 2013

We asked Accredited Celebrants to tell us what they do and think in our recent survey sent out to all 310 of us.  We are now busy analysing the results, and it will be a while before a full report will be available. But we do have some headlines to report back on what you have told us.

60% of Celebrants (187) at least partially completed the survey. They told us that they would like to do approximately double the number of weddings and namings next year compared with last year, and that they would like to do 40% more funerals. All individuals vary and we will try to do some breakdowns by regions and the levels of activity of celebrants to identify patterns.

Some questions were only answered by a smaller number of Celebrants, but of those that did respond to the quality questions:

  • Most agree that peer review is a good approach to us keeping quality standards high,
  • but only 60% had been peer reviewed.
  • 25% have an agreed mentor and of those that don’t 36% would like to have one.
  • 6% of total respondents said they had attended mentor training
  • 84% said they think the BHA’s Accreditation Scheme is satisfactory


 “The Badge” was liked by 58% and disliked by 42% but there are many comments and ideas for improvement, so we’ll try to take that into account when developing the next designs.


Money matters

  • 67% who responded said ceremonies are a useful income supplement and
  • 32% said it is a principle or major source of income
  • The average fee reported for funerals is £154.40p – weddings and namings varies more

In relation to the work we do:

  • 52% Funeral,  65% Wedding and 75% Naming Celebrants thought our prices are about right
  • Most of the rest think we are pricing too low

In relation to the funeral trade and other market forces:

  • 72% Funeral, 70% Weddings and 85% Namings Celebrants think our prices are about right
  • Most of the rest thought we were pricing too low.


In relation to the Levy and alternative options:

73% think we should keep the 10% levy with the current cap, and 15% oppose this.

Of the other options, the most popular was a drop to 8%, with 17% supporting this, but 72% opposed it.


The present arrangements for recruitment were seen to be satisfactory by 51% and unsatisfactory by 22%.


Only 2 celebrants reported not reading the CMC Bulletins, and 68% said they read CMC minutes.

Over 90% think that we need to have a nominated/elected group of celebrants involved in:

  • Informing policy issues
  • Informing strategic issues
  • Decision making  on policy
  • Decisions making on strategy
  • Agreeing expenditure on HC resources
  • Acting as representatives in decisions relatings to HC
  • Communicating with Celebrants on issues likely to affect them


36% had assisted in the development of HC with work other than ceremonies in the last year.

Local Celebrants Groups

  • 82% of respondents belong to a local group and 18% don’t.
  • Of those that don’t 63% would like one
  • 44% were prepared to help organise their local group

Local Humanist Groups

  • 41% were members of a BHA affiliated group



  • 64% of the 89 respondents have set up their own website,
  • and of those 84% were BHA server based



  • 30% of 38 respondents had attended Continuing Professional Development courses
  • Of those 88% thought it was useful or very useful


The responses to our open-ended questions were as always diverse, interesting and challenging. We are slowly working through these to gather ideas, formulate a view of the network and understand better the differences and similarities across it. We will produce a detailed report on the responses and then a summary for everyone. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for the time and effort you have put into this. We hope we can make good use of all your comments.


Ceremonies Management Committee

June 2012