July 15th, 2015

Submitted by Andrea Phillips

Grief is more than how you react when someone dies.

It’s not being able to delete her texts from your phone.

It’s the wallpaper she chose, the redundant gardening gloves.


Grief is her tatty slippers by the bed, her special teabags,

a pot of tea for one.

Grief is missing her cooking.

It’s the birthday cards she‘ll never send.

Grief is having the whole duvet to yourself.

It’s the half darned sock.

Grief is saying “where shall we …” … then remembering … again.


Grief is walking alone – with no hand to hold.

Grief is a fraudulent smile, your unfulfilled dreams.

Grief is watching the sun set without awe.

It’s a storm you cannot escape.


Grief is a loss of identity.

Grief is lonely.

Grief is a vacuum.

Grief… is… invisible.


Grief is when ‘normal’ has a new meaning.



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