About Rupert Potter

Rupert Potter

Why a Humanist Ceremony?

I was speaking to an old friend recently and told him I’d become a Humanist celebrant.  He wondered what that was.  So I said that for me Humanism is about appreciating the wonder of the one life we have, and a way of living ethically, without a religion to determine what that means.  Being a celebrant means I get to help people to mark the important moments in their life, in whatever way they choose.

I became a celebrant because my wife and I were married, and both of our children were named, with Humanist ceremonies.  They were three of the best moments in my life.  Not only was there the joy of what was happening, I also loved the opportunity to make the events personal and meaningful for us, and for our family and friends.  So much so, I wanted to be able to do the same for others.

How Does It Work? 

My approach is relaxed and informal, and I hope, brings a sense of warmth and inclusion.  I have spoken at many events and always sought to make everyone involved feel part of the occasion.

I love to write, so enjoy bringing together your thoughts and hopes for the ceremony to create something meaningful, memorable, and fun.  My own tastes range from Khalil Gibran to AA Milne.  Yet every ceremony is unique, so I will always support you in what you wish to do, whilst being happy to offer ideas and advice if you need.

What Next?

If you’re interested, feel free to contact me in whatever way suits you – text, phone call, e-mail (my details are over on the right).  I’d be very happy just to let you know more or to meet to discuss your wishes.  For the ceremonies themselves, weekends tend to be the easiest and the time most people prefer, but I am happy to be flexible whenever I can.  And whilst I am based in the north Cotswolds, I also love traveling, so I am very happy to join you wherever you are.