About Sarah

My name is Sarah Hammal and I am a trained Humanist UK wedding celebrant. My work can vary from very traditional wedding ceremonies, to the weird and wonderful. I love helping a couple craft their experiences into a highly personal ceremony that wows their guests. I started my career as a teacher of Religious Education and taught about Humanism alongside other faiths.  It was from teaching Humanism that I realised its principles of ethical decisions and fairness for all were core to my beliefs. Teaching instilled in me that planning is everything, the importance of time keeping and how to write a script that can captivate and hold an audience.  I am an avid comics fan, a regular cinephile, a keen horse rider and a devotee of all things vintage and shoe related.  My aim is to be responsible for some of the most unique weddings the North East has seen and build your own interests into a show-stopping day.  I am a Mackem born and bred and love the North East with a passion.  I often find myself walking or travelling in our fantastic region and spot secluded wooded corners or distinctive architecture and wonder why more couples don’t get married in these stunning places.  I have an amazing husband and beautiful 2 year old boy who are constant inspirations on the meaning of love and devotion.  I look forward to meeting you and your family so that I can design a day that expresses you perfectly as a couple.