Weddings / Partnerships

Humanist weddings are a wonderful celebration of the joining together of two people and are written very much to reflect the personalities of the bride and groom.

I love Humanist wedding ceremonies because the opportunities are only limited by our imaginations and every ceremony is always so different because it reflects the essence of the couple who are being married. From my experience wedding guests often come to a Humanist ceremony not really knowing what to expect and they leave saying “that was the best wedding ceremony I’ve ever been to, it was so personal and enjoyable”.

There are no special rules or strict observances beyond basic legal requirements. I will plan the ceremony you want, in close consultation with you to make sure it’s exactly what you and your family want.

Most importantly, at your wedding you two will be declaring publicly, your love for and your commitment to each other as well as sharing your aspirations for your future together. Although you have no religious beliefs, you will be making this serious and important commitment, based on your fundamentally different view of the world, in the company of your family and friends in a very meaningful and significant ceremony.

Humanists look on marriage as a commitment that involves mutual love and respect. Each partner has the responsibility for the welfare of the other and for the success of the relationship. You will enter this marriage with equal status and continue your relationship with equal status.

What’s Involved?

All Humanist Weddings differ slightly in structure and content to match the couple involved but can include some or all of the following:

  • Bridal Procession
  • Introduction & welcome
  • Readings (poem/verse)
  • Vows/Promises between the couple
  • Exchange of Rings (or other tokens)
  • Music/Song
  • Bride & Groom Recessional

The possibilities are only limited by your own personal requirements and imagination.

What Does The Fee Include?

  • Initial and on-going consultation
  • Draft Scripts until all parties are happy
  • Help with preparing vows and ring words
  • Examples/suggestions of readings & poems (if required)
  • Presentation folder for the couple including wording of the Ceremony
  • Souvenir Marriage Certificate (for signatures if desired)
  • Liaison with venue
  • Rehearsal at the venue the day before the wedding
  • Conduct of the Ceremony

How Much Does It Cost?

The total fee for a Wedding Ceremony (as outlined above) is £400. Mileage is charged at 45p per mile after the first 10 miles.

Additional Services

I also offer the following at an extra cost:

  • Handmade Wedding Stationery
  • ‘Order Of The Day’ Booklets/Sheet