About Sophie

Once I meet you, it will all be about you… but I’ll include a bit more about me to give you an idea of whether you’d like to meet me to discuss working together. If you want to get a fuller sense of what type of celebrant I am, my Instagram is the best place to find out! It’s where I share stuff the most regularly – there’s a story to follow most days. 😉

I’ve become a celebrant through a love of meeting people and getting to know them by hearing their stories. In my previous career as a teacher, this involved getting to know my students’ lives, loves and fears. And now my job is all about hearing why a couple fell in love with each other and have chosen to make a commitment together… or why parents chose to bring new life into the world… I couldn’t be happier!

I’ve been back in Merseyside for the last fourteen years and am in love with my city of Liverpool! You can’t escape the humour here… or the culture; I love how strangers start chatting to each other and I feel a part of that. Before returning back home, I lived in London and then Barcelona; luckily I often get to go back for a visit as I have friends and family in both cities!

My other half and I love walking and we regularly get to the Peak District and the Lakes; our summer holidays are usually spent in the mountains of Austria or the French Alps. In 2015, I amazed my family (who used to have to drag me out of the city when I was a teenager) by trekking in the stunning Himalayas near Dharamshala, India, raising money for Liverpool Children’s Hospital Alder Hey in the process. (Evidence of this in the picture to the left). In 2017, it was the Inca Trail in Peru, raising money for Liverpool Samaritans.

I may only have a back yard but it is stuffed full of plants and trees in a variety of pots and containers, including old water tanks! I have recently become a bit addicted to feeding the birds too, which may end up becoming an expensive habit. The ever-growing family of house sparrows seem to be grateful, at least.