Non-religious weddings, funerals & naming ceremonies in Northamptonshire

humanist -wedding-funeral-naming-northamptonshireHumanist non-religious Weddings, Funerals and Naming Ceremonies in Northamptonshire

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More people are discovering the benefits of non-religious, humanist weddings, funerals and baby namings than ever before.

Whichever of these you’re looking for, I’ll provide you with a ceremony which is personal and bespoke, with the focus on what’s right for you and your family.

In each case, we’ll work together to devise a ceremony that’s meaningful -that fits the occasion and makes it truly memorable for everyone present.

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What is a Humanist Wedding?

Well, it’s personal.  It’s bespoke and it’s individual.  A humanist wedding is non-religious.  You won’t hear any hymns or prayers, but there can be music, songs and readings.  Your humanist wedding can be as formal or relaxed as you wish.  The great thing is that it’s you who decides the venue, the format, and the content.  What matters is that you and your fiance enjoy a day that will be both meaningful and memorable, for you, your friends and your family.
Find out more about non-religious weddings.

What’s a Humanist Funeral?

The key difference between a humanist ceremony and a religious service is that there is no act of worship – no singing of hymns or saying of prayers.  Neither is there any reference to an after-life.  Find out more about non-religious funerals.

What happens at a Humanist Naming Ceremony?

The answer is ‘pretty much whatever you want to happen’, other than acts of religious worship.  Just because you aren’t religious doesn’t mean you and family can’t take part in and enjoy rituals and rites of passage.  They play a hugely important part in giving us a sense of place within our families our communities and society as a whole.  Find out more about non-religious, humanist naming ceremonies.

Your celebrant

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My name is Steve Church – admittedly a possibly inappropriate name for a humanist celebrant!  I’m experienced, fully trained and accredited by Humanists UK.  My focus is to give you, your family and your friends a ceremony that is personal and bespoke.
Whether a wedding, a funeral or a naming ceremony, we’re talking about a unique individual.  People aren’t created through a process of ‘copy & paste’, so neither should their ceremonies.  This will be your ceremony – from start to finish.

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It’ll be great to hear from you and to learn about the kind of humanist, non-religious ceremony you’re looking for.