Non-religious humanist naming ceremonies in Northamptonshire

Humanist non-religious naming ceremonies in Northamptonshire

Warwickshire, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire & Leicestershire

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What is a Humanist Naming Ceremony?

The easy answer is that it’s like a Christening but without the religious bit.

But of course, easy answers are rarely the best answers.  A Naming Ceremony bears similarities to a christening – both provide the opportunity for friends and family to welcome a child into the world.  But there the similarities end.

Celebrating the individual

Rituals like naming ceremonies are nothing new.  From the very earliest days, families have gathered to commemorate special moments.  The arrival of a child, a marriage or the end of a life.  Each ritual plays a vital role in helping us to think about what matters in life – to celebrate the individual and to express our feelings for them, as a group – as a mutually supportive community.

If you decide to hold a humanist naming ceremony, you will, of course, be celebrating a new life.  But, instead of focussing on the relationship between a child and a god, you’ll be concentrating on the relationship with their fellow humankind – parents, grandparents, cousins, relatives and friends.

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Here’s what Ken and Zoe had to say about the naming ceremony for their little girl, Elsie –


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My name is Steve Church – admittedly a possibly inappropriate name for a humanist celebrant!  I’m experienced and fully trained.  My focus is to give you, your family and your friends a naming ceremony that is personal and bespoke.  We are, after all, talking about a unique individual.  People aren’t created through a process of ‘copy & paste’, so neither should their ceremony.

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