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What is a Humanist Wedding?

Congratulations!  What an exciting time.
In choosing each other, you and your fiance have made one of life’s biggest choices.  You’ve also chosen to look at the idea of a humanist, non-religious wedding ceremony.

So, what is a humanist wedding?  Well, it’s personal.  It’s bespoke and it’s individual.  A humanist wedding is non-religious.  You won’t hear any hymns or prayers, but there can music, songs and readings.  Your humanist wedding can be as formal or relaxed as you wish.  The great thing is that it’s you who decides the venue, the format, and the content.  What matters is that you and your fiance enjoy a day that will be both meaningful and memorable, for you, your friends and your family.

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Your celebrant

northamptonshire non-religious celebrantMy name is Steve Church – admittedly a possibly inappropriate name for a humanist celebrant!  I’m experienced and fully trained.  My focus is to give you, your fiance, your family and your friends a wedding ceremony that is personal and bespoke.  We are, after all, talking about unique individuals.  People aren’t created through a process of ‘copy & paste’, so neither should their ceremony.

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I’d be delighted to hear from you and to learn about the kind of humanist, non-religious wedding ceremony you’re looking for.

Trained, friendly, experienced

As a celebrant, trained and accredited by Humanists UK, you’ll find me approachable and skilled.  It’s my job to make sure your weddinf ceremony goes off without a hitch.  It’s your job to relax and enjoy the most perfect of days.  Here’s my ‘job description’ – I’ll …

  • meet you, get to know you and find out what would make for you, the perfect wedding ceremony
  • use my experience to share ideas that might help you in the planning of the ceremony
  • write a unique ceremony based on your ‘story’ and your wishes
  • edit the script according to your feedback
  • conduct the ceremony
  • give you a presentation copy of the final script as a memento


These start at £550, but vary according to the distance travelled and precisely the kind of ceremony you’re looking for.

You can download our weddings leaflet or see our Frequently Asked Questions about humanist wedding ceremonies.

Why not take a look at a sample structure of a wedding ceremony.

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… about creating the perfect humanist wedding ceremony – call me on 07703 472207
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