A personalised naming ceremony can take place at the time and location to suit you. It can be as formal or as relaxed as you wish – only your imagination sets the limits! The ceremony could be in an hotel, a village hall, a back garden, a marquee in a field, on the beach, in your front room, literally (almost) any venue of your choice.

How do we begin?

We start with a meeting – probably in your home but it doesn’t have to be. We discuss the type of ceremony you would like. We consider possible music, readings, poetry and activities that could be included. Perhaps you would want family or friends to be Guide Parents for your child/children? You may want to explain why you chose these specific names for your child, and to talk about your hopes and aspirations for him/her.

Over the next weeks I produce a draft script which I will then e-mail or send it to you for your comments. We will stay in touch making amendments if and where necessary, until you are perfectly happy with it.

On the appointed day I arrive at the venue in good time to organise myself and the presentation, and then conduct the ceremony.

What would the parents have to do in the Ceremony?

Usually parents make vows, or promises regarding the care and upbringing of their child. We would work out the exact wording of this together. These promises can be repeated after me or read, alternatively you may want to learn the words, or you may wish me to ask, “Do you promise to…..” and then you would just answer, “I/We do.”

Your unique child

Whether it be the birth of a new baby, or the arrival of an adopted child, or a new step-child to your family, together we will create a memorable non-religious welcome.