Date: 21st March 2020

If you need my help to honour a loved one during the current crisis, I am available. To safeguard all of us, I am operating under the following policy:

Home Visits
It’s just not worth the risk of unknowingly bringing the virus into your home – or of contracting it myself. Instead we can meet remotely either by phone or video link. I will then put the ceremony together, communicating via email, phone or again video link in order to make it just as you want it. I am very comfortable conducting telephone and electronic family meetings and will strive to make it as warm an experience as possible.

The Ceremony
At the funeral itself I will follow good hygiene practice and social distancing. This means I may no longer be able to greet mourners at the door but may instead wait at the lectern at the start of the ceremony. I will endeavour to remain available to chat afterwards but again with distancing.

Crematorium Limits
Different crematoria are setting different practices and restrictions on numbers. This is changing rapidly, and your funeral director will be up-to-date for advice on this.

Video Links
Many crematoria offer video links and recordings for those who are unable to attend, or you can live stream the ceremony yourself even from a smart phone. Again, check with your funeral director.

You may choose to hold a small, family-only ceremony – or even have a direct, unattended cremation – and then plan a more detailed memorial event for everyone once it’s safe for us to meet in groups again. I am very experienced in creating such memorials and will be very happy to do so.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me.


Humanist funerals have been conducted since 1896!

A humanist funeral is a non-religious ceremony (service, if you like) that is both a dignified farewell and a celebration of a life. If the deceased lived his or her life without religious belief, a humanist ceremony may be the most appropriate way to reflect them and their life.

We recognise the profound sadness of saying goodbye, at the same time as the importance of celebrating the life and legacy of the loved one.

“I am very grateful to you for your kind and sensitive treatment of the process of PW’s funeral. Many people said to me how much they appreciated the service, and the way you presented it. And thank you for the amount of time and attention to detail you gave to me, too…And I was glad you have a sense of humour!” VW, York

Whether you have found me directly, or been recommended to me by your funeral director – or indeed by another celebrant, I will arrange to meet with you as soon as possible. Please feel free to invite other family members or friends, anyone who knew the deceased and can help me paint a picture of his or her life and times.

I ask that you have a photograph of the deceased for me to look at during the meeting, if at all possible. We will talk about his/her life and achievements, likes and dislikes, favourite music, memorable events – all the things that made the person. We will consider the ceremony itself, whether family members or friends wish to contribute by giving a reading, what music to have (if any, it isn’t compulsory) and so on. This meeting usually takes ninety minutes to two hours.

Once I have drafted the ceremony I will email it to you (or we’ll find some other solution if you don’t use email) so that you can check it’s as you would like it. Please feel free to suggest changes – the ceremony is about the deceased and family, not me. You can call me as many times as you need, it really isn’t a problem.

It is rare that we would need to meet again before the funeral, though we can if you feel it will help, and I will meet you at the crematorium/burial site/venue on the day of the funeral. Unless you ask me to do otherwise, I will wear a dark suit with collar and tie.  If you are having a cremation, ceremonies generally last about twenty minutes (some crematoria allow longer but, if you are having a lot of music and longer contributions from family members, we will need to talk to the funeral director about perhaps booking an extension.)

The ceremony will celebrate the life of the deceased. We will remember his or her achievements, look at the serious and lighter events that mean so much to you, hear favourite prose or poetry, and listen to much-loved music. I may, in my introduction, say a few words about humanism – if you want me to, I can put greater emphasis on this. During the ceremony there can be a moment for each person to reflect on the deceased’s life in their own way, either in silence or to music.

At the end of the ceremony I will make any announcements you wish, for example if you are having a collection, or inviting people back home or to a local venue. Before we all leave I will give you a presentation copy of the ceremony for you to keep.

My main areas are the postcodes YO, HG, LS and HU – but I will travel anywhere – including overseas – if it is practical.

I work regularly at the crematoria in York, East Riding (Octon), Harrogate, Hull, Scarborough, Pontefract, and at cemeteries and burial grounds across the region.

“I have been asked by all to send you a thank you for the sermon you put together which was spot on, as I said after the service to you, all were impressed,  as most we have been to get a lot wrong, my mother’s Funeral was 50 % right he could not have been listening when we went through the information, we were please you did. All the very best don’t take this the wrong way but hope we don’t meet too soon.” PM, York

You can contact me by email or phone:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 07804 450742
Every ceremony is individually crafted, not a standard script with just the name of the deceased changed.