About Susan Lawford

SueBHAF 002

Welcome to my home page.  My name is Sue Lawford, and I am accredited by the BHA to conduct funeral, wedding and naming ceremonies.

It is a real privilege to share with people some truly momentous events in their lives and, as a humanist celebrant, it is possible for me to be completely flexible when deciding what to include in a ceremony.

Just as every person is unique, so are their needs, and it is very rewarding to work closely with those directly involved to ensure that the ceremony, whichever it may be, perfectly reflects their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Music and poetry or prose can, I think, really help to express sentiments in a profound way, and choosing these elements of a ceremony is so important.  Sometimes, when someone knows what they want to voice but can’t find just the right song or words, it is very satisfying to come up with ideas to ‘fit the bill’.