Despite the sad circumstances, all the family were overwhelmed by the very gracious way you conducted the proceedings.  As I am sure you were told by many of the attendees, they all thought it was a lovely, heartfelt, very personal service where you managed to capture the essence of our mum.

I cannot describe my feelings when I heard you speak – everything you said was so right and so well put together, it really was a celebration of my father’s life.  And, afterwards, so many people told us how lovely the ceremony was and how much Dad would have liked it.

It’s hard to know how to register my gratitude for all you have done for us over the last few weeks.  I think the most relevant thing is that my Dad would have been so cheered to have been seen off in the hands of so literate, sensitive and professional a celebrant.  Indeed were you not to exist, you would need to have been invented to be the right person for his non-religious ceremony.  And I know you will have inspired a lot of those members of the congregation who might be thinking along similar lines for when their time comes.

You did just what we wanted, used your experience to ensure a perfect funeral but never suppressed any of our needs… All of this has made a traumatic time bearable and left us with a comforting warm feeling that we have given our daughter a good send off.

(By SMS) You put my mum’s service together really nicely, my mum would have liked it as she sounded naughty nice adventurous mischievous and kind – which she was.

You managed to capture my mother’s spirit and character, which is not an easy task when you have not actually met the person! All the assembled gathering commented on your professional, compassionate and wholly appropriate approach.

Everyone genuinely appreciated the tribute you wrote and thought it created a fantastic and fitting image of my Dad.  I wanted to thank you also for taking the time to talk to us and responding to all the input so well, everyone was touched by the tribute and service.

The ceremony had the perfect balance of poignancy and humour, carrying a message of positivity throughout.

At a personal level I think the way the funeral was conducted was just the way my wife and I want ours to be when the time comes.

Everything was so uplifting, I didn’t even feel the need to cry.

Your attention to detail in the planning for the event itself and ensuring accuracy of information relating to aspects of my Dad’s life was of the highest order. You made a point of establishing exactly what we wanted, and sensitively dealt with any areas where we needed advice. You invested considerable time with us in ensuring this was so, and that all those attending would feel involved.

How you managed to get something so coherent, true to our friend and beautifully written after one afternoon of us talking at you in a disjointed and rambling manner is nothing short of miraculous.

(By SMS) Your service was outstanding and everyone commented on how brilliant you was in fact my mums sisters wanted to keep you…we will hold dear everything you said about our dad

A very big thank you for everything you did to make my daughter’s farewell a special day. I have had endless e-mails etc. from people who attended the service and said how lovely it was and how they would love to have a similar send off – even those who are religious – so I thank you for all your help and advice and the Eulogy and when it’s my time to go someone may call on you again.

Your choice of words, phrasing and ability to draw intimate knowledge of my father-in-law, from what was really a short amount of time spent with us, so that you could deliver a wonderful tribute, is certainly a precious gift to have.  We were lucky to have that gift shared with us on Monday… Thank you feels inadequate, but it’s the best I can give and it is given with sincerity, not only for the role you played but also for the support you gave to us all as a family.

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