Thanks very much for today Andrew, it was a wonderful service and we had several people comment how lovely it was. Thanks for all your efforts in pulling it together.

Nick (Hither Green Crematorium January 2020)

Thanks for helping to create the perfect send off for dad. He’d have been very proud and it will always be a day which we will remember fondly.

Jude (North East Surrey Crematorium, December 19)

I don’t know how to thank you for creating the most peaceful and dignified ceremony for dad. We got so much great feedback from everyone near and far. The tribute was beautifully written and I am excited to share it with the rest of the family. You were a significant part of our day and will always be mentioned and appreciated. It’s sad to lose loved ones, but it warms the heart to know that there are people like yourself to make the journey less painful.

Kelly (Teddington, September 19)

It was a perfect afternoon. Thanks, Andy for a perfect send off. Maureen liked what you did so much, you’re already booked for hers. So many friends and family said what a great job you did, as if you had known Bill for a long, long time. That is a gift and we truly appreciated you helping give Bill the best send off we could’ve hoped for.

Andy (North East Surrey, August 19)

We could not have chosen better. Andy was totally fabulous, such a great listener and turned our numerous thoughts and stories into a wonderful send off for my godmother. I know she would have been in total approval and giggled with the rest of us as we remembered her full and happy life. Thank you so much, Andy. I have requested you too, of you’re still doing what you do so well!

PJ (Putney Vale, July 19)

I wanted to thank you for your very wonderful work on Dad’s ceremony this Wednesday.

You really did an incredible job of helping us create exactly the sort of occasion that was right for Dad and that reflected his unique, sunny, artistic disposition. It was everything I had envisaged his ceremony might be – and more.

We all feel immensely lucky to have found in you absolutely the right celebrant. Your dedication, sensitivity, patience and good humour are stellar qualities that made all the difference to bringing together an absolutely spot-on tribute both in terms of content, tone and your delivery. You held the space beautifully so that each of us could really sink in to our emotions and experience with each other, and with Dad, this important rite of passage. He would have been – and I’m sure he was in spirit – both touched and proud of how we all genuinely came together in our love for him. And as I told you early on, he would have liked you very much!

All of us there on Wednesday experienced and have drawn strength from a truly personal occasion that we will always remember with great warmth and love. Everything came together perfectly to honour Dad in a ceremony that was so very right for him, and also for us.

So thank you, thank you for all your care and hard work.

Lucinda (Putney Vale, April 19)

We all appreciated your kindness, sensitivity and enlightened professionalism; I received many comments on how beautifully you presented Sarah’s story and managed the flow of the whole celebration. I am deeply grateful.

Nick (Lambeth Crematorium, March 19)

I wanted to say a huge thank you as you managed to convey such a sense of him and also gave the whole ceremony a feeling of peace, it set the tone beautifully. I felt comfortable knowing you “had my back” which helped enormously.

Tracy (West Norwood Crematorium, February 19)

I and my daughters would like to send our heartfelt thanks to you for your help in making Bob’s funeral one that so many people remarked on as being such a beautiful and evocative celebration of his life.

You made the whole, hard process so much easier, and helped us clarify what we wanted to say as well as how to structure the service. So many people commented too on how well you presented the service and kept the sense that it was a celebration, almost as if you had met Bob.

I would be very happy to recommend you to others

Mary (Honor Oak Crematorium, February 19)

I would like to thank you very much for the way you conducted Patrick’s service on Friday. You brought out his humour and courage extremely well. You were open to additions and alterations to the eulogy beforehand, which was a great help at a very sad time.
You made us all feel at ease at the service and spoke very clearly when delivering the eulogy.

Barry (Lambeth Crematorium, January 19)

It was a fabulous well organised send off for Dad and many of the family commented that it was the best funeral they’d ever attended.

Steve (Eltham Crematorium, December 18)

Thank you so much for acting as celebrant for Matt’s funeral yesterday – you were great and everyone said that you caught the essence of Matt exactly. I’m so pleased, although I knew when I first spoke to you that your unaffected manner and clear integrity would be perfect for the role. You helped his friend and family appreciate and say thank you to him in a relaxed and heartfelt way

Miranda (Mortlake Crematorium, December 18)

Just a short note to say thank you for officiating last Friday. The family called me this morning stressing how amazing you were, they loved the service.

Co-op, Pett’s Wood (Beckenham Crematorium, Nov 18)

Andrew was the celebrant at my late partner’s funeral. I cannot speak highly enough of the way he conducted proceedings. He struck exactly the right tone, sensitively judging the mood of the room, and fulfilling perfectly what my partner wanted at his farewell. Many people who were present commented on how excellent he was, and at least one said that he was the best celebrant they had seen. Thank you, Andrew.

Richard (Chichester Crematorium, November 18)

Given the day that it was, one we had dreaded, it couldn’t have gone better and that is largely down to you. 

Thank you so much. From the time we met you the previous week when we talked at you a hundred miles an hour, I knew that you would make it special. You managed to capture exactly the right tone; the essence of Dad. Although we had only briefed you the week before, we so enjoyed hearing all the stories again. The Millwall football hat was a stroke of genius!  How did you think that one up – brilliant. He’d have really laughed.

During the ceremony, I could hear  family and friends on the benches behind laughing at what you were saying which is so what Dad would have wanted, and I knew that one or the other stories or memories would resonate with each of them.
During the afternoon that followed and since, we’ve had lots of people say along the lines that, “you got it just right” and isn’t that what it’s all about?  Perfect.

I /we can’t thank you enough for turning a dreaded day into an enjoyable one.

Wishing you all the very best with whatever is around the corner for you.

Dawn (Honor Oak Crematorium, October 18)

Thanks also for the way you conducted the ceremony, it was quite simply perfect. You spoke about our Dad as if you had known him and delivered our words so beautifully. I think we did him proud and am sure he would have enjoyed listening to your renditions of his stories, told with compassion and humour.

Lisa (Honor Oak Crematorium, October 18)

Unfortunately I came across Andrew in sad circumstances after the death of my Mother in October. However, from our first meeting and discussion about my Mother’s extraordinary life, I knew that I had serendipitously found exactly the right celebrant in Andrew. My mother was a real character and had lived a very chequered and diverse life with ups and downs, she was a fearsome spirit and I very much felt she was overseeing the ceremony through me! Andrew gave me his entire focus and I felt he made a real effort to understand exactly what my Mum was like and therefore what type of ceremony and Tribute would be fitting. He judged the tone just right and in the lead up to the service was very supportive and understanding, happy to make amends but equally he had crafted a beautiful tribute which I only had to tweak!

We hosted the service at Mortlake crematorium and Andrew’s presence with me and my family (and 10 year old son who did a reading) had a very calming effect. His running of the service was spot on and his delivery of the Tribute was so well received by all that some friends struggled to believe that Andrew hadn’t ever actually met my Mum.

In summary Andrew created just what I had in mind – a celebration of an extraordinary life which allowed us to grieve and weep, but more importantly to laugh, as my Mum would have wanted.

Amice (Mortlake Crematorium, October 18)

We sat round the table and blurted out in utter disarray a million different opinions on each aspect of my mum’s personality and life – how she should be remembered, what to include, what not to include, how much truth was required. But what Andy brought to the table was an air of tranquility amongst the madness. It was enough to drive anyone insane – I found myself frequently stepping outside for a breather, but he sat there and gave us his undivided attention, only stopping to take sips of his tea, and listened to every word, scribbling away, with not an ounce of judgement. 
He paid as much attention to the quieter ones in my family as he did the loud boisterous ones, and seemed to take everyone’s opinion in to consideration.  

When the day of the funeral came, I was ridden with nerves of how the day was going to go, and in my state, we suddenly decided, a mere two hours before the start of the service, to change the exit song. I rang Andy, who had the presence of mind to arrive several hours prior to the ceremony, and he assured me he would do his best, to find time to get it changed in between services. He texted me back 10 minutes later telling me he had succeeded. 

The ceremony itself was incredibly touching. He spoke with humility and confidence and the perfect amount of energy. Everyone I spoke to about it afterwards told me how much they had learnt, how much they, strangely, enjoyed it, and how well he had orchestrated the whole thing. He told stories about my mum that brought the room both to tears and to laughter, and I have no doubt my Mum would not have changed a thing, and neither would I, and for that I am immensely grateful for Andy. ”

Dylan (Mortlake Crematorium, July 18)

“ When my lovely younger  sister died in the summer whilst confronted with grief and confusion I was always certain about one thing . I would like Andrew Bone as her celebrant. His humble nature and humility is exactly how I wanted my sister’s life to be interpreted. Like Andy she was gentle and kind but also wickedly humorous and saw the intricacies of life and human nature.
In all our days deciding what to say and what music to play , Andy never once either hurried us to make a final decision or made us feel that we were not fully in control of the ceremony. He did an extraordinary thing is giving us freedom but also reigning the whole service in so it kept perfect time at the crematorium and he added his own special magic too for good measure.
All our guests said how ‘perfect’ the funeral was. They had laughed and they had cried and they had seen aspects of our loved one that they hardly knew and aspects they were very familiar with. It was Andrew’s hard work and determination that brought all this together and made the day one that I will never forget and that touched many, many people.”

Jemma (Mortlake Crematorium, July 18)

“Andrew officiated at my Sister’s funeral and conducted the service with sympathy, kindness, and above all, humanity tinged with a little humour as we had requested. Some of the attendees had never been to a Humanist service and thought it was ‘wonderful’, as did we all.

Having been to a few Humanist services Andrew was by far the most caring, thoughtful and above all, sincere.  As a family we would highly recommend Andrew to take care of your loved ones final progress from this world.

Kay (North East Surrey Crematorium, Morden March 18)

Thank you so much. You did mum proud. Thank you for all your time and understanding, the funeral script and the lovely service. We will never forget the day. Many people who attended complemented you afterwards and I did pass that onto the undertakers.

Ian and Laurie (Thames View Crematorium, August 17)

Just a short note to say thank you for what you did for, Jo. We are passing your name on to the Co-op as a brilliant life celebrant. Many thanks again. You did a fantastic job.”

Scott and Joanne (Medway Crematorium, March 17)