About Denis Cobell

Denis toasts 'for the one life we have'

I have been active in the humanist movement for most of my adult life.  Hon Secretary of a local SE London Humanist Group for over 30 years and a Celebrant for more than 20 years.  Although I find my role as a Celebrant important I think perspective is needed.  ‘Rites of passage’ at a time of  birth, marriage-partnership and death occupy just a few hours of most lives lived – hopefully – many years.
A Naming ceremony is a time for parents to make promises to  children;  these are to offer love, care, freedom of thought within principles of self-regulation by their child. The practice is what matters, not simply the words uttered at a joyful welcoming for a new baby.
Marriage or partnership should be a commitment to a serious loving relationship. The wedding ceremony can be quite simple and fun; spending a lot of money and making a big show of dressing up is not consistent with a humanist approach.
At the end of life it is good to celebrate with a ceremony which is honest and without hypocrisy. Even if not by name, the occasion should be for somone who can be identified with humanism.
I think ‘belonging’ to a community,  in my case a local group of like minded people, is good for friendship and discussing ideas.  Some may wish to campaign, and I will support this,  but  companionship is at the core of life for me.
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