About GracieCeremonies :)

Hello, my lovelies! – I’m Gracie; it’s wonderful to have you on my page! 🙂

I am a fabulously gay wedding celebrant; I conduct straight and LGBTQA+ inclusive weddings!

I am based in (but not limited to) the beautiful land of the West Midlands!

My mantra is: No two couples are the same, so why should your wedding be?

I am all about bringing the fun. I ADORE all things eclectic and fabulous, but most of all, I love encouraging couples to just be their authentic selves so we can fill their wedding ceremony with everything that makes them them—because no one is better at being you than you are!

Don’t worry about what your aunty Margaret tells you; it’s your ceremony, so have it how you want it! Want to have something a bit different? Maybe I’m the gal for you!

Let’s be real with each other. At most wedding ceremonies, people sit there bored out of their minds, waiting for the bubbly to be popped open and the party to begin (we’ve all done it!) …let’s change that; let’s bring the fun and excitement to your ceremony; let’s make yours different; make it meaningful; make it memorable; make it fun; but most of all, let’s make it about the two of you!

Do you love it? Then let’s pop it into your ceremony, shall we? The best parts of a relationship (I believe) are the funny, silly, quirky, even the slightly embarrassing, lovely jubbly parts that we often only share with our other half and keep hidden from the rest of the world. Your wedding ceremony is to celebrate why you love each other and to tell your love story. Let’s get it all in there! Your hobbies, your passions, your favourite music, readings from your favourite books, quotes from your favourite films, telling the story of the two of you, represent a fusion of different cultures—why not get your nearest and dearest up and get them involved in your ceremony as well with personalised symbolic acts? There is so much we can do!

Are you thinking of having a theme for your wedding? Let’s get that into the ceremony as well! Pass me that costume—I’m in!

Want to have your ceremony somewhere different? in a theatre? Up a mountain? In a forest? In a hot air balloon? In your back garden? We can!! The venue doesn’t need a wedding licence for a celebrant ceremony, so as long as the venue gives you the thumbs up, let’s do this!

I have been fully trained in wedding ceremonies, so I can offer lots of fun ideas—personalised symbolic acts, readings, personal vow ideas, all sorts! – You don’t need to use any of them if you already have something in mind yourselves, but it can be good to get the cogs turning and I can help to ensure that everything comes together into an absolutely gorgeous, yum-yum, fabulous ceremony!

My lovelies, I must tell you, fabulous bespoke wedding ceremonies don’t just happen; they take work from both sides! Are you two up for it? I am! I want to make your ceremony as personal and fabulous as I can, but to do that, I’ll need your help! You two are the experts on you, so give it to me, baby! The more you divulge to me, the more personal your ceremony will be!

Sound like the sort of thing you’re after? – Get in touch; I’d love to hear from you! 🙂