‘Where on earth do I begin? There are not enough superlatives to describe how we feel both about the ceremony you gave us and yourself as a person.’
Liz and Steve

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Humanist ceremonies are once in a lifetime opportunities. For any couple, it is a chance to capture all they are in a moving, authentic and delightful way, putting their story right at the heart of their day. For any family, it offers the possibility of celebrating their child and family life with an occasion that is entirely true to them.

For all my clients, creating a Your Three Days humanist ceremony extends a warm invitation: to pause life for a moment and take stock. To put into words the insights, emotions and hopes that make us who we are, but which can all too easily remain unexpressed. To make the process of creating the ceremony as rewarding as the event itself. To work together to create the most beautiful ceremony we can.

Simply visit Your Three Days to find out more… It will be a pleasure to hear from you.
Hannah Wroe Gill

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‘Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I don’t feel like thank you even covers it but I don’t have other words. We KNEW you would do an incredible job. I KNEW you were perfect the moment I called. If you had charged 5 times as much, I would have paid it without flinching. I just don’t think we could have imagined how perfect it would be on the day. Every single line and word was us. That was the only thing that was important on the day (and for our marriage) and you condensed Rob and I into a 40 minute script. Love it. It was such an amazing start to the day and we can’t thank you enough.’
Layal and Rob

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‘The ceremony was beyond our wildest dreams. I can’t tell you the number of people who came up to us saying it was the best ceremony they had ever been to, the most personal, and filled with so much genuine emotion. One of our close friends messaged me the next day to say that we were the couple everybody wanted to be and it was the ceremony and wedding that every couple wanted to have. So much of that was your doing, coordination, delivery on the day and beautiful writing. Craig and I agree that choosing you as our Humanist Celebrant was the best decision we made!’
Jess and Craig

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‘Our heads are still spinning with the wonderfulness of it all, just far and away the best day of our lives no doubt about it and you were a massive part of that! You guided us through with utter calm and the humanist ceremony you put together was overwhelmingly beautiful, as evidenced by barely a dry eye in the house or tent. No amount of thanks is enough. You are so, so good at what you do and clearly believe in it completely. The time, care and attention you put in was overwhelming.’
Caro and Karen

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‘You were a dream to work with; highly organised, intuitive and patient. We were amazed at how you crafted what we had told you into a witty, loving and ‘perfectly us’ narrative. On the day your calm and warmth instantly helped us relax and the delivery of the ceremony was perfect. The balance was ‘just right’, with some tears and much laughter. Most importantly, we felt like Freddie’s character really came through. A month on and friends and family are still talking about the day, particularly the ceremony. Many, I think, will think differently about their own ceremonies in future.’
Sarah and Alex

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‘The highlight of the whole wedding was the humanist ceremony. It was absolutely amazing. You have this utterly lovely combination of authoritativeness and warmth that completely put me at ease- like everything was completely in hand. Your delivery of the ceremony was brilliant. You are a truly great celebrant and really held the energy and filled the space. It felt so safe and sacred (not a word I’ve used before) and just really perfect. We deliberated pretty much every decision about our wedding and looked at countless options for most things, you were absolutely the best choice we made for our wedding and I am so grateful.’
Ayesha and Richard