About John Wilkinson

I believe that every family should choose whatever type of ceremony feels right for them and for the person they have lost. There are no rules, other than any time limitations imposed by the venue. There can be as much or as little music, poetry and readings as seems right. There can be family contributions, tributes from friends, letters from far-away relatives. Or the ceremony can be very short, very simple, very quiet.

Whatever feels right, is right. Getting it right, and creating an appropriate farewell, can be a huge comfort in a time of stress and sorrow.

I have been conducting humanist funeral ceremonies since I retired from being a veterinary surgeon in 2008, and trained with the BHA. Like so many celebrants, I had attended a humanist ceremony and been impressed by just how good it was, and how it struck a chord with my own beliefs. I thought – ‘That was wonderful – I’d like to do that!’

To learn more about me, and the ceremonies that we can create together for someone you have lost, follow the links at the top of the page.