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Josie Lamb

I conduct wedding ceremonies in the South West of England and at my friends’ farm in East Sussex, and will also consider ceremonies further afield if it suits you and me.

Originally from West London, I now live in Bath and have lived in the West Country since 1999.  I’ve also lived in Japan, Paris, Spain and Sheffield over the years, and travelled extensively in South America, Mexico and Thailand.

I currently work as a Speech and Language Therapist in Bath, with adults and their families; managing swallowing and communication issues.  Before that I was a professional actor for many years, including several happy seasons performing outdoor Shakespeare; so I am not afraid of a bit of voice projection in beautiful outdoor settings.  I have also worked extensively in the public and legal sectors, and in hospitality.  Please just ask if you want to know more!

Like many people in the UK today (and worldwide), I think I have thought and lived as a Humanist for most of my adult life.  It just took me a while to realise it.  Things came into focus when my partner died in 2010, and we had a Humanist ceremony / celebration.  It was an incredibly personal, thoughtful and joyful experience and I was distinctly inspired to take up the role of a Celebrant; to support people to make important transitions in their lives with personalised, non-religious and meaningful events.

Many couples want to create a special day that is not based on religious content or an official, legal text.  But what they do want is something joyful, significant and unique.  As your Celebrant I can work with you, at every step of the way, to create a really special occasion that reflects who you are and what you feel and believe.