Planning a Ceremony

The visit

Once I am appointed as a celebrant, I will talk to you (face-to-face, preferably) to discuss the contents of the ceremony  and to gather information about the person who has died. We can also discuss poetry, music, and any objects or photos that you might wish to bring along on the day.

We can discuss practicalities, such as an order of service leaflet, and what facilities may be available at the venue, And of course I can answer any questions you have. I will then go away and write a script.

The Tribute

In a humanist funeral ceremony the tribute is the most important part. It can be given by me or by family and friends, or a combination of the two. Here are some of the things people like to hear about in relation to the person you wish to celebrate:

  • Biography – significant dates and locations; family, education, work, places lived.
  • Interests – what they cared about and/or enjoyed doing.
  • Character – quirks and foibles, what they did that made you laugh – or cry. Anything that friends or family would immediately recognise as being special to that person.
  • Images – not just photos, but also mental snapshots that you have stored in your own memories.
  • Poems or music – any favourites?

The script

I usually send you a draft version of the tribute for you to check in advance of the ceremony. I also give you your own copy of the full script after the ceremony.