About Heartfelt Ceremonies

Heartfelt Ceremonies

…is a partnership of two humanist celebrants; Sonya Soundy and Louise Forty.  Together we offer a supportive and unified approach and will work closely with you to achieve a ‘heartfelt’ ceremony.  We each draw from different backgrounds and experiences and offer differing styles to suit your needs.  Our normal practice is for one of us to lead your ceremony with background assistance from the other.  For one fixed fee you will receive the benefits of two qualified and professional celebrants.

About Sonya Soundy

I always knew I wasn’t religious despite being brought up in a Christian family and attending a C of E school, but I didn’t realise that I was a Humanist until later into adulthood. I’ve always tried my best to be a good person; tolerant, fair, understanding and generous, not out of any sense of worry about what might happen if I didn’t but because I wanted to. I think that’s what makes you a Humanist. 

I see myself as grounded, compassionate, centred and warm.  My background and work experiences have been varied but have always had people and communication at its heart. I like to talk but love to listen.  I would be honoured to act as your Humanist Celebrant. Together we can create a bespoke, personal, memorable ceremony for your loved one which does justice to their life.


About Louise Forty 

I am married with two children.  I feel strongly that people should be kind to one another and I have tried to live my life being true to that philosophy.  I have been an advocate, representing the wishes of others and saying words on behalf on others, all of my adult life and I have lots of experience of walking alongside people at significant times of their lives.  I have experienced lots of loss in my life but equally, I have been lucky enough to also experience lots of love and laughter as well.  Nobody knows what happens after death so let’s focus on what we do know – that life is precious and fragile and should be acknowledged and celebrated.