Weddings & Vow Renewals

I think humanist weddings are wonderful! Each one is truly unique, personal, happy and genuine…. and usually funny and warm too!

Choosing to celebrate your commitment and love in a humanist wedding means that you can create your own unique, meaningful and very special day.  Being a wedding celebrant is about helping a couple create a ceremony that best reflects them and their values.  After all, every relationship is different and marriage means something slightly different to each couple.


“A trademark Lynn balance of warmth and humour!”


People choose humanist weddings for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because they want to get married in a particular location, particularly outdoors.  Sometimes it’s because they want a “second” wedding, for example, if they have had a legally biding ceremony overseas but want to celebrate again with friends and family in the UK.  Often, couples choose a humanist wedding because they want a sincere and personal ceremony to celebrate their love, their way!


“We are so glad we found you – it was our perfect day”


Getting Started

So, some couples know exactly what they would like from their wedding and have all aspects of the ceremony worked out, whilst others maybe have a stronger sense of what they don’t want!  Most of us are somewhere in between, which is where I come in.  What is important is that the ceremony that his part of your big day reflects you.  I am happy to give as much or as little input as is needed to help you to make decisions about issues such as music, readings, involving guests, symbolic gestures or writing promises.  I will write your ceremony and importantly, you will see drafts so that you can be sure that all the surprises on your big day will be nice ones!


My Fee

My fee for 2024 is £650.00.  This includes everything; our meetings, drafting your bespoke ceremony, a rehearsal and, of course, officiating for your big day!



I offer a free, no obligation initial telephone or online consultation to help you decide if I am the right celebrant for you. To find out more, please get in touch:


Phone: 07919 272 025


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