About Me


A few facts about me and how I came to work as a Humanist Minister.

The first thing to say is that I’m committed to the compassionate and human-centred values of humanism and I’m also passionate about helping people to achieve their dream wedding or to deliver a meaningful funeral ceremony on their behalf.

Why am I involved in delivering humanist Funerals?

When my father died in 1998 we chose to have a humanist funeral for him. This was conducted with sensitivity and a touch of humour by Denis Cobell, who is now a valued colleague. He treated us so well I decided there and then to train for funeral ceremonies and I am now accredited by the British Humanist Association to conduct them.

Why do I conducting humanist Weddings?

…simply because they are so powerful, joyous and unique. Once I had completed my funeral training I went on to train for weddings, too, and this meant I was able to conduct my sister’s wedding in Wiltshire in 2012, a day neither of us will ever forget! I have been conducting weddings for almost a decade, now, and I have a short film of myself ‘in action’ on my dedicated website, which can be found at markhayfordhumanist.com

Why do I conduct Naming ceremonies?

…because naming ceremonies are surprisingly moving and powerful and they’re often enormous fun, too! There are any number of children involved, which guarantees a carnival atmosphere, but there are also heartfelt pledges delivered by the parents, grand-parents and mentors (or guide-parents), and this where the emotion comes in!

A bit of background: in a previous life I worked as an actor before becoming a full-time Funeral & Wedding Celebrant in 2005. I’m so glad I took the decision to change the course of my life, as I find it much more rewarding to help other people rather than to continually ask other people for help! When not conducting ceremonies I enjoy reading, walking, motorcycling, scuba diving and writing the occasional book review.

Please read through my Testimonials (if you have time), to find out a little bit more about what people make of my approach.

For a relaxed chat about your wedding ceremony or your funeral plans please call me on 07932 888737.

You can also email me at mark@markhayfordhumanist.com

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mark Hayford.