About Me

Mike Ashbridge

I live in Pembrokeshire and lead non-religious funeral and wedding ceremonies in Pembrokeshire and South West Wales.

For me, Humanism is an optimistic, sane and empowering approach to life. It rests on the awareness that each of us through our experiences, knowledge and reason can make sense of the world and decide how to live our lives.  I think this makes it possible for all of us to live an authentic life; one that is characterised by feeling ‘true to yourself’ in what you say and do.

In seeking to live good and fulfilling lives we recognise the importance of our relationships with other people. For me, respecting and caring for others lies at the core of Humanism. This recently led me to become a non-religious pastoral support volunteer (in other words a ‘non-religious chaplain’) with my local Health Board.

So what about Humanist ceremonies? For so many years ceremonies have been an important part of life. They bring us together to mark important events in our lives and to share our emotions at those times. Whether it is a funeral or a wedding ceremony , my priority is in creating a ceremony that meets your aspirations and reflects your emotions.  A ceremony that will be remembered as being warm, personable and moving. And unique!