How does it work?

You can contact me either through your funeral director or directly via this website.

What happens next?

I’ll arrange to meet you and other family members either at your home or another venue if this is more convenient.   This visit is the opportunity to find out more about the person concerned from those closest to them and to discuss the form of the ceremony, including choices of music, readings or poetry. Sometimes these decisions have already been made by your family or the person who has died may have left clear instructions about how they want things to proceed, but I’m happy to offer suggestions if this would be helpful.

After the meeting I’ll send you a draft script to check for accuracy.

We felt very reassured that we had entrusted the service to a very safe and capable pair of hands’

Who can speak at the funeral?

The tribute  –  which is the heart of the ceremony – may be given by family members or friends or I can write and deliver this if that’s what you prefer.  Different people may wish to contribute readings or poems.   We will discuss all these issues when we meet.

‘Ruth’s tribute was everything we hoped for and more – Mum would have loved it’

What form does the ceremony take?

Humanist funerals are all about giving people choices and each ceremony is unique. There is no set script, but there is a structure.

The ceremony usually involves:

  • a welcome
  • thoughts on life and death from a non-religious perspective
  • the tribute
  • a period of reflection (usually while music is played)
  • the committal or final goodbye
  • any closing words.

I’m aware that a humanist funeral may be attended by people of different faiths or those who have not been to this type of funeral before.  I’ll  ensure that every ceremony is as inclusive as possible and will always allow time for personal reflection when those with a religious faith may wish to say a private prayer.

‘Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony for Mum today. It was very much all about her and the people there agreed how lovely it was’.

On the day I’ll work closely with your funeral director.  I’ll lead the ceremony and I’ll support others who contribute.

At the end of the ceremony, you’ll receive a presentation copy of the script to keep.

Ruth was so kind to us as a family and we all thought that she delivered the service brilliantly’

How much will it cost? My fee will be approximately £225 and is usually part of the funeral costs – this includes local travel expenses.

Many thanks again Ruth for all your support during this difficult time’.