About Tom

“Humanism is a most human philosophy of life. Its emphasis is on the human, the here-and-now, the humane. It is not a religion and it has no formal creed, though humanists have beliefs. Humanists are atheists or agnostics and do not expect an afterlife. It is essential to humanism that it brings values and meaning into life.” 
– Jim Herrick, Humanism: An Introduction

Tom Knight is a celebrant with Humanist Ceremonies and has been trained and accredited by Humanists UK to conduct funerals and memorials. Having worked in roles as varied as a pyrotechnician, an actor, and an international school teacher in Africa and China, Tom has returned to the UK to concentrate on people. A lifelong Humanist, Tom believes that people deserve to be treated with respect, with humility, and with dignity.

“I became a celebrant with Humanists UK because of people. People matter. We care about our loved ones, but we depend on strangers throughout our lives. I have met people from all over the world, from all walks of life, most of them strangers, many of them just once. As a Humanist, I have tried to show care and consideration for each of them in some small way. In return I have experienced great warmth and kindness from strangers, often those who apparently have least to give. I firmly believe that all of us have far more in common than first appearances suggest. While I may be a stranger to you, at this very difficult time, I promise that I will try to do my best for you and your loved ones. This means I will take time to meet with you, to learn about your wishes and those of the deceased. Together we will craft a ceremony that is unique, fitting, meaningful and memorable.”

Tom is based in St. Agnes, Cornwall. While Cornwall is where he tends to conduct most ceremonies, Tom is able to consider working further afield in the UK or overseas.