Wedding Photos

Handfasting ceremony

Father of the bride kisses L having walked her up the aisle.

The bride and groom and guests listen to their guitarist play.

Guests are seated but the bride and groom chose to remain standing whilst Beth, the celebrant, thanked those who had helped create such a beautiful wedding.

The wedding ceremony well underway.

What a stunning bunch of bridesmaids.

Relaxed and intimate….just how L and C wanted it.

The bride and groom’s little boy performed his duty of ring-bearer beautifully.

The central part of the ceremony: ring exchange and vows.

L and C showered in confetti. Now as wife and husband, husband and wife

Vows don’t have to be tear-jerking! They can be a little light-hearted too!

L’s bridesmaids having a giggle as they bless the rings.

The celebrant, Beth, conducting L and C’s wedding ceremony.

2 of L’s closest friends share the honour of doing a reading in the ceremony.

The bride and groom bask in the sunshine as Beth tells their story.

L and C’s vows to each other. They were happy for everyone to read them as they didn’t manage to read them without breaking in to tears.

Beth calms C’s nerves before the ceremony starts.

H reading her vows

H’s reaction as O reads his vows to her

Beth (celebrant and bridesmaid) and bride hug it out

“I invite you now to kiss!”

Handfasting ribbons tied together.

O reads his vows.

H and O react to hearing their story told by Beth (Celebrant).

H and O and guests

Beth (Celebrant and bridesmaid) reads H and O’s story.