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Janette Smith

My name is Janette Smith and I am pleased to welcome you to my webpage.

I am a humanist and believe that our world  is about humans relating to each other in a positive and caring fashion.  I am accredited to offer ceremonies for both funerals and weddings.

Although both types of ceremony are different, the key feature that they have in common is that they are uniquely personal. They are also both very relevant ceremonies for both are parts of a ‘rite of passage’ through life and provide a very special service to those I am working with.

Both types of service, a funeral or a wedding, creates an opportunity to provide a ceremony that is both warm and sincere and which is both inclusive and non-religious. Both types of ceremonies can involve readings, poetry, music and a tribute or stories which are important to the family or to the couple.

I am a mother and grandmother and have been been married for over 44 years, so it is true to say that I understand family relationships only too well.  I have over 35 years experience of teaching in schools and colleges throughout Hertfordshire.  This background also means that I am familiar with communicating and working with all types of individuals and responding to their needs.

During my life, like so many people of my age, I have lost loved ones. When my father died in 1979, his funeral ceremony made no mention of what a great chap he had been and what a good job he had done of being a dad. This omission has very much been my motivation in wanting to deliver funerals which families can remember as a personal tribute to their loved one, shared with all those present.

I chose to train in conducting wedding ceremonies because I believe in helping couples to devise a ceremony which they will remember for all of their life. The right wedding ceremony marks the beginning of life’s next adventure and should be as personal and unique as they would want it to be.

I have been accredited by the British Humanist Association as a celebrant and this allows me to offer a professional and personalised service. Whatever type of ceremony my aim is to visit clients and help them  express their ideas, allowing me to translate their thoughts, creating a meaningful outcome, in the form of a bespoke ceremony.

I am happy to travel any reasonable distance from my home in London Colney, St Albans. I have now conducted hundreds of ceremonies and I’m happy to put my vast experience at your disposal.

You can contact me to discuss your needs or ask any questions on:

Landline: 01727 826921  or mobile: 07970 119876

email: smithjanette60@yahoo.com