My Weddings

I have conducted so many weddings and cherish the memories of every single one. A Humanist wedding ceremony is unique and personalised. By working with couples closely, the warmth of the relationship between myself as the celebrant and the couple becomes a feature. Pictured are just a few of the weddings I have conducted. Each one has a story but it was the wedding pictured below which was perhaps the most challenging as it was part of the CBBC programme “Marrying Mum and Dad” and had a military theme. Performing a wedding with a BBC cameraman, soundman and producer over your shoulder was….well let’s just say different!
All weddings are special and you don’t have to be on national TV to have a meaningful and magical Humanist Ceremony. Weddings I have been involved in have taken place in a wide variety of settings from 5* hotels to fields, summerhouses, village halls, stately homes, back gardens, farms, amongst others. I’ve had some great comments too and below I’ve highlighted a few things which you may like to read:

“Thank you for the lovely ceremony last Saturday. It was just so personal and it meant so much”

“……just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you……the ceremony was absolutely incredible and so many people commented how great you were…..

“It was wonderful and we were so lucky to have you conduct it”.

“….a massive thank you for your great ceremony at the weekend, everyone commented how lovely it was….”

“thank you ever so much for your efforts in performing our ceremony, it was unforgettable and will imprint on our minds forever…..Thank you for being part of our special day and making it more memorable than we ever thought it could be. It was a wonderful service and so many others thought the same”.

“it was magical”

“My new husband said that he couldn’t remember his mother crying tears of joy in a long time. Everybody was just so happy……”

“It was a lovely day and so many people commented on how lovely the ceremony was”.