Naming Ceremonies



Jan Halliday – Naming Celebrant

As an enthusiastic parent, grandparent, guardian and fairy godmother, I realise that all children are unique and special in their own way.  I have always believed in celebrating major life events, and the arrival of a new child into a family is an important reason to celebrate.

My style of Naming Ceremonies can be described as:

“meaningful, fun, creative, warm, relaxed and interactive”.

Each Ceremony is designed individually for the child, with lots of input from the parents, so that it feels very personal. I am fully trained and accredited with Humanists UK and as such keep up to date with the latest “Best Practice” in Naming Ceremonies.

What happens at a Naming Ceremony?

Every Ceremony is different, created together with family to reflect your ideas. Just as you would choose godparents for a religious Christening, you may want to select two or three friends or relatives to be your child’s supporting adults. These are sometimes called Guide parents, Guardians, or Mentors and they may make promises to your child during the Ceremony, along with other members of the family, such as Grandparents.

We often include some music and carefully chosen poems, along with symbolic acts such as planting a tree, sand blending or creating a Time Capsule with letters and photos to be opened on a 21st birthday. Lots of different elements go into the Ceremony to make it meaningful, memorable and enjoyable for all the guests who may well span a number of different generations.

What age is it best to be named?

Many people choose to name their babies and children between the ages of one and three, but any age is fine. Some choose to combine the Ceremony with another event such as the first or second birthday. However, there is no set time when anyone should be named and indeed sometimes teenagers and adults choose to have Naming Ceremonies, especially if they have just changed their names.

Where do Naming Ceremonies take place?

They can take place anywhere, provided you have the landowner’s permission. Popular places include homes, gardens, community centres, village halls, hotels and beaches.

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“The Naming Ceremony was wonderful, funny, touching and memorable. The “Double Bubbles” at the end went down a treat with children and adults alike – thank you!”