About Kimberley

I am now taking bookings for Funerals & Weddings

My name is Kimberley Jones and I am a Humanist celebrant, specialising in Funerals and Weddings.


Initially training in Funerals, I developed a deep understanding for the need to celebrate the love connected to the person lost. A ceremony centred on the individual is poignant and allows the grieving family and friends to say goodbye in a way that is appropriate and unique. Find out more about what I can offer here.


Planning my own wedding made me realise how important it was to me to have a ceremony that was a real celebration and significant part of the day (instead of just the legal bit we rushed through in order to get the party started). Celebrating a couple’s relationship and their decision to be married should be a joyous occasion all about them, their lives and their nearest and dearest! Find out more about what I can offer here.

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A little bit about me

I trained to be a Humanist Funeral Celebrant during the summer of 2021, after many years of wanting to. Prior to this, I qualified as a youth and community worker, based in Cardiff West at a wonderful charity. This has allowed me to develop into a values-based practitioner and build meaningful relationships with people from all walks of life. In more recent years, I have been working for Marie Curie with people who are at the end of their lives and those who have been recently bereaved. My ‘toolkit’ of conversational approaches has been developed from numerous resources, training and experience over the years and enables me to offer informed, research-based support to others whilst also expanding my own knowledge through their experiences. 

I decided to train in writing and delivering weddings during the summer of 2022, as I was planning my own wedding (although this has been postponed to November 2023, thanks to a surprise baby!). Our girl was born at the end of 2022 and I started writing and delivering weddings and vow renewals from January 2023. It is such a joy to co-create weddings and vow renewals that are filled with love, and meaningful inclusions!