Congratulations! If you’ve found yourself here reading my profile, the chances are that you’re planning a milestone moment in your life. Isn’t it exciting!

When choosing a humanist wedding celebrant, you’re choosing a collaborator – someone who will work with you to unpick exactly what you want from your ceremony. Each and every humanist wedding is totally unique. There’s not a gold, silver or bronze package in sight (refreshing isn’t it?!). Instead, your wedding is written from scratch to completely reflect you and your relationship.

I got married five years ago and opted to have a Humanist wedding, giving us creative freedom to mark our marriage in a way which felt right for us. The experience proved inspirational and was the catalyst for deciding to train to be a celebrant myself. What a wonderful job, I thought, to work with couples to help them create a day that they and their friends and families will remember for years to come!



So where do we start? Well, my advice would be with tea…and possibly cake – the perfect accompaniment to good conversation!

I’ll be eager to hear about you both, about your relationship, your values and your ideas for your ceremony. But I’ll come armed with plenty of suggestions myself and can offer advice on readings, music, ways to involve your family and plenty of creative ideas to make your day memorable. Whether your plans are big and bold or intimate and low key, we’ll work together to make your wedding ceremony uniquely you.

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