Data Protection

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

As a Humanists UK celebrant, I do of course receive personal information, such as names, phone numbers and email addresses. These are part of the process of both getting to know families and couples, and of writing a ceremony script that is personal and meaningful.

Please be assured that all information given to me is stored securely and used only for the purposes of producing a ceremony. On no account will it be passed on or sold to any third parties. I receive enough nuisance sales calls and emails myself so know how thoroughly annoying they are!

The only time I would share a ceremony script with colleagues would be if I were unable to undertake a ceremony because of illness, accident or bereavement. This has never happened in my time working as a celebrant but it is helpful and reassuring, I hope, to all parties to know that an accredited celebrant could step in to replace me if there were a need.

Any personal information provided for the purpose of creating a wedding or naming script is retained for a period of seven years just in case my services are required again and continuity is desired.

If you wish to have all your information erased immediately following a ceremony, or at any time thereafter, please let me know and I will act accordingly.