Can We Get Married?

Can We Get Married?

By Michael McAlinden

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“Can we get married?

” I hear you say, 

Yes, I can marry you any day.


Any time, any place?

Yes, it’s true – look at my face!


Can we get married in the dark?

Yes, you can, it’ll be a lark!!

What about the crack of dawn?

Yes, don’t fret, I’ll not yawn.


Can we dress up like a Viking?

Yes, or even tie the knot while hiking.

What about a rickety castle?

Yes, indeed, that’s no hassle.


Can we wed on a motorbike?

Yes, you can, if you like.

Can we marry on a beach?

Yes, indeed and I won’t preach!!


On a cliff?

Not a diff.

In a wood?

Yes, that’s all good.


Can we marry anywhere?

Yes, you can – don’t despair!


On a rocket in outer space?

Yes, you can – it’ll be ace!!


 You can marry on a plane,

You can marry on a train.

In a car, in a bar.

I’m all legal so no need for a registrar.


lets discuss

                                          What about a waterfall?

                                    Yes, you can – give me a call.


                               In a forest, in a field?

                               Yes, that true, it’s not concealed.


In a house with a mouse?

Yes,  even in a bog with a hog!!


In a shack, dressed in black?

Yes, yes, yes, or in a sack.

Must we be dressed up to the hilt?

Not at all, sure wear a kilt!


Can you marry us here or there?

YES, I can marry you anywhere!!


Can I marry my boyfriend Stan?

Yes, indeed, I’ll help you plan,

Your perfect day,

Make it special,

With all your friends,

I’ll make it official!


But we’re both brides

We think you should know…

Oh, silly you,

I marry all colours of the rainbow.


Can we include a symbolic act?

Yes, you can, that’s a fact,

Handfasting, quaich, unity candle?

Sand blending too, it’s no hassle.

Whatever you decide you want,

I’ll work with you, we’ll have entente.


So, are we allowed to have some fun?

Oh Yes, it’s something I’ll never shun.

So, will our ceremony be really reverent?

Not at all, 

I’m a Humanist Celebrant!!