About Rachael Bowers

Smiling wedding celebrant Rachael Bowers holding a wedding script, while leading a wedding ceremony at Harewood House in Yorkshire.

Image by Claire McClean

Hello there! I am a weddings celebrant based in the beautiful city of York. I first became interested in Humanist ceremonies when planning my own wedding. I liked the magic and ritual of a religious ceremony, but I didn’t want to say words I didn’t believe on my wedding day. I found civil ceremonies to be formulaic and impersonal, and so I began searching for an alternative.


A Humanist wedding appealed to me because it allowed us to incorporate the best bits from weddings in any culture whilst staying true to our values as a couple, using words that felt true to celebrate our love.


A celebrant in a green dress binds a bride and groom together with ceremonial ribbons. The wedding is taking place in wood, at Camp Katur in North Yorkshire.

Image by Sam Chiplin

I love weddings. I love hearing couples’ stories: how they met, what they thought of each other, how it nearly went awry, how their friends interfered to set them up, how their proposals went. I love hearing how they supported each other during difficult times and what they admire and respect about their partner. Sharing and amplifying these love stories is my biggest thrill and it’s why I became a Humanist wedding celebrant. 

I worked as a museum curator for 10 years before becoming a celebrant, telling human stories about peace, war, and love. When telling stories in museums, I always sought to create a connection between the audience and the past. Now I help couples to share their love stories, creating an emotional connection with their guests and crafting ceremonies that are memorable for all the right reasons.